Sunday, August 3, 2008

Secret Sister Goodies

I forgot to post pictures of my goodies that my SCS secret sister sent me a few weeks agon. I got some dotted ribbon and some clear stamps. Thank you SS!

I've had fun looking for things that are on my SS wish list. I sent her August package yesterday and it should be arriving shortly. That is if the postal worker doesn't hold it hostage. A few of the girls have had their packages held up for some reason. One girl on my CM secret sister swap had her packaged open and almost all of the contents taken out so I've decided to ship all my swaps in boxes. Better safe than sorry I suppose. I'd hate to have my SS open an empty package especially with all the goodies I've got in store for her!

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Don't forget to post a comment on the Blog Candy ends tonight at 8pm!

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MamaCass07 said...

So glad that someone (other than myself) learned from my mistake, HEEHE!