Sunday, December 30, 2007


I just received the Pick A Petal set from SU. I've played around just a little bit. I got some inspiration from one of my favorite sites The lady bug seemed to be a cute idea and I've seen some very cute cards. Here is my version... the first one was missing something and I'm not quite sure I like that flowers but I went with them anyways. The background seems a little too...white?

Here is another one.... Almost the same concept
except with this one I used a stamp from SU's Garden Whimsy. This one too... needs something else. I just don't know what!

Christmas past...

Here's a sample of the Christmas cards I made a few weeks ago.
This one I made using a snowman stamp that I'd purchased at Hobby Lobby, SU's Short & Sweet set and misc. paper that I believe I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Although the picture isn't great, I used three different layers of white paper to give the layered snow affect. Along the edges of each layer I used sparkly glitter.

It's been.... quite a while!

The last time I blogged back in May '07, I was just starting out. Needless to say, looking back at the cards I've posted I've come a long way, baby! I am embarrassed! I guess you have to start somewhere, huh?

In the time that's passed I've become a wanna-be Stampin' Up demo. I say "wanna-be" since I haven't had the time to host a stamp camp or party. Shortly after I purchased the starter kit we decided that it was time to purchase a house. That process consumed quite a bit of my time. As you know with moving, comes packing, the move, painting, unpacking, decorating and yard work. Lots of yard work. Slowly summer passed me by and I only had the chance to unpack my stampin' stuff. Now that winter is here there is much more time to be spent in the confines of my cozy new house. I had the best of intentions to send my handmade cards out for Christmas but I am not ready to let them go just yet. LOL. What is that all about anyway?

So, as Kristin insists...I'm back for as long as I can remember to take pictures and post!