Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New stuff!

I know, I's been a few days since I last updated. I've been super, errr waaaay too busy at work to even think about being creative. My new Fall/Winter 2008 order came today and after spending a good hour and a half mounting 15 sets of die cut stamps I only had half an ounce of creativity in me. So what does one do when they only have an ounce of creativity you might ask?? Case a card and call it good! I'm feeling all sorts of Christmas-y at the moment. Perhaps because it's just around the corner or maybe I am sick of the heat already? Either way, I love this set! It's so whimsical.

An update on Zoe... she went to U of M -Ann Arbor on August 11 and it has been determined that the mass in her brain is NOT cancer!!! This is such great news. At the moment she continues to take siezure medicine and will continue for the next 2 years. She's not had any other episodes and seems to be doing well. They will be monitoring the mass. Thank you for all your thoughts and continued prayers.

I received my new Winter Mini Catalog in the mail and can't wait to order some stamp sets out of it! I am still "wowed" by the new catty but the mini makes it so much sweeter! Thank goodness I have a few weeks to play with my new stuff! it will hopefully make the time fly while I wait impatiently to order again!


Heather said...

That is one of the cutest cards ever! :) I love the stamps and how bright your colors are! I can only imagine the time you put into mounting them. It is worth it though when you have results like these!!!

I am glad for Zoe. U will remember her in prayer. So good tho hear a good report!