Saturday, April 14, 2007


One Tuesday, my friend Bethany had a little boy. I made this card for her. He looks just like his daddy and has a full head of hair. It sorta gave me baby vibes when I was holding him. Then I came back to reality and I thought to myself...what the heck are you thinking? Ashlinn is a handful. I can't imagine two kids under two, both in diapers...and if I had another sassy little thing like Ashlinn I think I'd have to commit myself to the loony bin ;)

I remember my mom telling me when I was of these days, you're gonna have a daughter and she's gonna be just like you. Thanks Mom!!! I think she's just like me, and then some. I think she's got part Poppa in her too! I am gonna say the same thing to Ashlinn when she's older. Maybe that will persuade her from misbehaving!?! (I can dream can't I?

We bought a small 4ft craft table at Sam's club. After Ashlinn's 1st birthday party tomorrow we will dismantle it and move it up to our room where I will finally have a getaway to do my stampin'. I need to buy a ribbon holder since I am running out of room in the drawer that it's currently stored in. One purchase at a time... I am really looking forward to having a place to spread all my crap out though :)

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Kristin said...

Love the baby boy card. Don't you just love using more than one ribbon? The look is great. I made Ash a handmade card too.