Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ashllin's 1st Birthday

April 7th was Ashlinn's 1st birthday. We are having her party on the 15th but we couldn't just let the day pass without having a cake for her. I found a pink one after a trip to two Meijer stores. While the cake looks super yummy, I'd have to agree with Ashlinn when she wouldn't eat it. It tasted nasty. Normally we get cake from Sam's Club but they don't make the small ones. They have the best cake ever!

Any way...Ashlinn wasn't a big fan of the cake. Nor did she like her hands being dirty one bit. In fact I think she got a little mad at me when I made her smoosh her hand into it. She did eat some of it after that but I felt terrible when I tasted it and it was nasty.

Tomorrow's party will feature a sheet cake from Sam's Club and a small one from L&L. Hopefully the small one will tase a whole lot better than the Meijer one did.

Now I leave you with a picture of the pretty but nasty tasting cake from Meijer!

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