Thursday, July 24, 2008

Praying for Zoe

This morning my mom's boss was heading to Tennessee on vacation with her mom, sister, niece and nephew when Zoe (her 8 year old niece) started having a seizure. They had only been on the road for 20 minutes which is sort of a blessing. They pulled over on the expressway and pulled her out of the car as she stopped breathing. They started CPR on her and called an ambulance. The ambulance would take over 10 minutes so they put her back in the car and drover her there themselves. They admitted her immediately and did a CAT scan. The news was shocking. She had something on her brain. They decided to do an MRI as well and on the way to the MRI she had another seizure. The MRI also shows something on her brain. At the moment, she is stable but they have called in a team of brain surgeons to go over the results tomorrow.

My mom's boss is a fabulous woman. My heart aches for her and her family. I knew I just had to make a card and send it to Zoe. I got a new order of stamps from Stampingbella today and what better stamp to use than Ella and LooLoo. Please keep Zoe and her family in your thoughts and prayers while they go through this difficult time.


Heather said...

it is a beautiful card.

Such a sad thing to happen. I can't imagine th stress the famly is under and the worry. It breaks my heart. I want to wake mine up and hold them.

I will pray that God will guide the hands of the Dr's helping her and guide them. I will pray also for complete healing in her body.

The wallflower said...

Oh, how tragic! I'll keep her in my prayers, please keep us updated.

Marie Cramp said...

I hope Zoe is ok. What a scary thing to go through. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cute card, I am sure she will love it.