Monday, April 21, 2008

Spinner Card

One of the groups I'm in posted the tutorial from . I've had her on my favorites for a while now. She's got some of the most beautiful work out there. Any way... I had opportunity to make one today and let me just say.... the tutorial looks A LOT easier than it really is. I managed to have a decent outcome for my first card, but that was only after dragging my husband into my craft area to help me keep my sanity. I was ready to throw my window punch out the window. After wasting 5 sheets of SU! paper trying to make the "perfect" template, I finally got it right.

In the tutorial she punches both the confetti card stock and the designer paper separately. Then she puts adhesive on them and lines them up. I found this extremely dificult using the snail adhesive. I ruined one perfect set trying to line them up. So, I resorted to lining them up together and then punching the slider window out. I wouldn't recommend using a punch on two pieces of card stock... I only used it on these two together since the designer paper is thinner.

I absolutely LOVE this card. It turned out pretty decent for being my first spinner. I love a challenge but this one had me pushin' gray hairs out!