Sunday, December 30, 2007


I just received the Pick A Petal set from SU. I've played around just a little bit. I got some inspiration from one of my favorite sites The lady bug seemed to be a cute idea and I've seen some very cute cards. Here is my version... the first one was missing something and I'm not quite sure I like that flowers but I went with them anyways. The background seems a little too...white?

Here is another one.... Almost the same concept
except with this one I used a stamp from SU's Garden Whimsy. This one too... needs something else. I just don't know what!

Christmas past...

Here's a sample of the Christmas cards I made a few weeks ago.
This one I made using a snowman stamp that I'd purchased at Hobby Lobby, SU's Short & Sweet set and misc. paper that I believe I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Although the picture isn't great, I used three different layers of white paper to give the layered snow affect. Along the edges of each layer I used sparkly glitter.

It's been.... quite a while!

The last time I blogged back in May '07, I was just starting out. Needless to say, looking back at the cards I've posted I've come a long way, baby! I am embarrassed! I guess you have to start somewhere, huh?

In the time that's passed I've become a wanna-be Stampin' Up demo. I say "wanna-be" since I haven't had the time to host a stamp camp or party. Shortly after I purchased the starter kit we decided that it was time to purchase a house. That process consumed quite a bit of my time. As you know with moving, comes packing, the move, painting, unpacking, decorating and yard work. Lots of yard work. Slowly summer passed me by and I only had the chance to unpack my stampin' stuff. Now that winter is here there is much more time to be spent in the confines of my cozy new house. I had the best of intentions to send my handmade cards out for Christmas but I am not ready to let them go just yet. LOL. What is that all about anyway?

So, as Kristin insists...I'm back for as long as I can remember to take pictures and post!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I finally had some time to make a card yesterday. This one was made for one of my student workers who is graduating from MSU this weekend. It's for a guy so I didn't want it to be too "girly". I was in a rush to get the picture taken so it doesn't appear to show the true green color that it is. In time...I'll get better I suppose...

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Monday, April 30, 2007


I've been a neglectful blogger. *sad pouty face* As Kristin pointed out to me tonight, I haven't blogged much. I haven't made anything new. Actually, I have a card "in process" but haven't had a chance to finish it.

That will all change soon. I have to make three cards before Thursday!!

Also....I am on my way to becoming *cough* a SU demonstrator! It's Kristin's fault. She made me do it. Ok, maybe she told me what a great deal it is... and because I love making the cards, I listened to her. (for a change)

One more thing... congrat's to Kristin who now has her very own blog! She makes some unbelievable cards. Her talent is amazing.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ashllin's 1st Birthday

April 7th was Ashlinn's 1st birthday. We are having her party on the 15th but we couldn't just let the day pass without having a cake for her. I found a pink one after a trip to two Meijer stores. While the cake looks super yummy, I'd have to agree with Ashlinn when she wouldn't eat it. It tasted nasty. Normally we get cake from Sam's Club but they don't make the small ones. They have the best cake ever!

Any way...Ashlinn wasn't a big fan of the cake. Nor did she like her hands being dirty one bit. In fact I think she got a little mad at me when I made her smoosh her hand into it. She did eat some of it after that but I felt terrible when I tasted it and it was nasty.

Tomorrow's party will feature a sheet cake from Sam's Club and a small one from L&L. Hopefully the small one will tase a whole lot better than the Meijer one did.

Now I leave you with a picture of the pretty but nasty tasting cake from Meijer!

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One Tuesday, my friend Bethany had a little boy. I made this card for her. He looks just like his daddy and has a full head of hair. It sorta gave me baby vibes when I was holding him. Then I came back to reality and I thought to myself...what the heck are you thinking? Ashlinn is a handful. I can't imagine two kids under two, both in diapers...and if I had another sassy little thing like Ashlinn I think I'd have to commit myself to the loony bin ;)

I remember my mom telling me when I was of these days, you're gonna have a daughter and she's gonna be just like you. Thanks Mom!!! I think she's just like me, and then some. I think she's got part Poppa in her too! I am gonna say the same thing to Ashlinn when she's older. Maybe that will persuade her from misbehaving!?! (I can dream can't I?

We bought a small 4ft craft table at Sam's club. After Ashlinn's 1st birthday party tomorrow we will dismantle it and move it up to our room where I will finally have a getaway to do my stampin'. I need to buy a ribbon holder since I am running out of room in the drawer that it's currently stored in. One purchase at a time... I am really looking forward to having a place to spread all my crap out though :)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My first card *awwwe*

No rhyme or reason... I was just experimenting with my new set of stamps. I'm surely not a complete nazi when it comes to using only one particular kind of product. However, I've reserved myself for Stampin' Up stamps for the time being.

Now I present you my first attempt without my dear friend "K" holding my hand.

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Everything starts here...

I've decided to take the plunge... a blog to share my creations and hopefully in time my work will be as beautiful as others that I've silently stalked their blogs in awe of.

It's kind of a funny story, or rather my version of it is funnier. You see, back in October I received a message on MySpace from a local girl about my age. I checked out her page and decided that she didn't seem too crazy. In fact, in the message she sent me she stated that my profile was pretty much me describing her almost to a "T". I thought to myself, if she thinks she is anything remotely like me...she must be a pretty cool person :) We chatted on IM back and forth and indeed, she was very cool. We got together and even clicked in person. For me, that is an accomplishment of sorts. I have never been able to find that "one" person who completely understands me and my quirks. For the most part though, "K" did. I felt like this was a relationship worth investing more time and energy in. I set out with an open mind and she set out with an agenda as well. She threw me the bait and gradually reeled me in. What is it that she was after to begin with? Clearly my friendship, but perhaps it was something more, the "something more" just wasn't clearly defined at that moment in time. As I reflect on the adventure that I had no prior knowledge of I can now say that she needed someone to feed her addiction a little more. Someone to "Stamp" with. Except, I wasn't into stamping....YET!

I missed the first "Stamp Camp" as my daughter was sick. I'm sure she still thinks I stood her up ...but that definitely wasn't my intention. The next stamp camp rolled around and I told her I wouldn't miss it for the life of me. She taunted me a few times saying I'd probably not show up or give her some poor excuse why I couldn't make this one too. I cleared my calendar for this one. The day comes and I sort of felt like I was making the wrong decision. Like the new kid in the neighborhood. Will everyone laugh at me if I screw up? What if they turn out to be disastrous?? Would she still want to keep me around? Sure there's always got to be that one person who you know puts forth all their effort, but still lacks the creative bone?? I've always loved the cards she's shown me. She's got some great talent. After the stamp camp was over I reflected how I felt. I absolutely enjoyed it. I got out of the house, I got to hang out with other people who enjoyed the same thing and it was relaxing, although for me, it was somewhat very nerve-racking since I didn't have a damn clue what I was doing!!!

From that point on she's slowly persuaded me to dig a little deeper. I found that I really enjoy it and I'm starting to build my stock of stamps up. Next, I need to invest in more supplies. The inks, ribbons etc. I now join the ranks of the very beginners of card making or paper creations, whichever your pleasure.

So... this is where the whole MySpace connection gets sticky. I tease her from time to time that she stalked me out to turn me into an addict like herself. She tells me that that wasn't her intentions at all (while having a *big* smiling grin) Whatever the case may be... I've gained a dear friend, who's an awesome Stampin' Up Demonstrator if I do say so myslef!

Thanks "K"... it is now your fault my young child's college savings will suffer :)